AthenAltena (athenaltena) wrote in i_hate_periods,

Note to Uterus: I hate you

First time poster here, and very glad there's a place to rant about this stuff with people who understand.

I've been having cramps today. Not the usual slight-discomfort type cramps, but the Oh-my-God-my-uterus-is-trying-to-escape-my-body type that make me double over in pain, and my pain tolerance is pretty damn high. They were so bad that people actually stopped me in the hall to ask if I was alright since I looked like I was about to faint. And that's not even touching on the fact that it's heavy enough to go through a super absorbency tampon in half an hour and replay the scene from Psycho when I step into the shower.

Considering that last week I was in a car accident (and had to deal with mountains of paperwork) I think it's stress related. Oh, and I'm stuck without a car until Monday and have only one maxi pad in the house until at least tomorrow. ^_^

I hate my uterus.
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