k slo (begintohope) wrote in i_hate_periods,
k slo


Okay, I am young (14), so my periods have been irregular thus far. I'm still experimenting to find what works for me, which is why my periods tend to go horribly wrong. (Not that any period is "right," but...)

The pads I have don't have much coverage, so since I couldn't get new ones for a while, I decided to be crafty and use a tampon, figuring it would absorb all the blood and make for a neat 'n' easy solution. Oh, how wrong I was.

I checked in after the tampon had been in for a couple hours, and there was blood everywhere. Yet another pair of panties ruined. (I'm in the particularly heavy flow zone, so maybe a lone tampon wasn't the best idea, but it said super-absorbency!)

And what about sleeping during your period? No matter how massive a pad I use, I still manage to unconsciously find some angle during my sleep where the blood finds its way onto fabric.

Basically, I hate being a girl right now, and I need to buy specific period-only underwear.
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